Unfamiliar Familiars - Signed Copy!
Unfamiliar Familiars - Signed Copy!
Unfamiliar Familiars - Signed Copy!

Unfamiliar Familiars - Signed Copy!

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Unfamiliar Familiars is a comprehensive and humorous handbook to finding and caring for the unconventional animal companion. 

This guide will help you find the animal best suited to your personality and particular magical needs. 

Animals include a narwhal (strong in clairvoyance and fencing), an albatross (best for sea-faring witches), or an earthworm (for garden-based magic and fish summoning).

• Features real-world facts with a playful, magical spin
• Includes a helpful quiz for finding your own familiar
• Brimming with suggested names, strengths, weaknesses, and more

Forget the toads and black cats: Every witch is unique, so shouldn't you have a familiar as one-of-a-kind and extraordinary as yourself?

Unfamiliar Familiars is an entertaining and educational guide to a menagerie of magical, less-appreciated creatures that may just become your ideal partner in the arcane arts.

• Filled with quirky, charming watercolor illustrations
• Perfect gift for anyone who wants to find their own familiar, just as they love learning about their own horoscope, zodiac reading, or Pottermore Patronus
• Sure to delight animal lovers who have a sense of humor
• A visually gorgeous book that will be at home on the shelf or on the coffee table as a conversation starter.
Signed copy (by Megan Lynn Kott & Justin DeVine) lovingly packaged in a bubble mailer and shipped First Class with tracking.
Co-created by Justin DeVine and Megan Lynn Kott, illustrated by Megan Lynn Kott.


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