I am really proud of each & every pet portrait I do - but you don't have to take my word for it!  Check out some of these customer reviews:


 James from Rhinebeck, NY

"Megan's portrait of our dog Maude has remained, over the three years since we commissioned it, our very favorite piece of art. Megan was delightful, responsive, and made the process super-easy, using several reference photos to create something entirely original that perfectly captures the essence of our first, and furriest, child. Still my wife's favorite gift from me."


Lauren from Ferndale, MI

"Megan has done a few works with the likeness of my cat, including one custom watercolor with which I could not be happier.  She captured the look and spirit of my kitty and I am truly impressed with the work she created from my description and photos.  If you love your pet, honor them with Megan's intuitive vision and skill in bringing their personality to paper."


Elena from Orinda, CA

"I would highly recommend Megan if you want a customized portrait of your furry friend.  She is truly talented in what she does, her paintings are full of amazing colors and precisely resemble my kitties. She captures the liveliness of my furry friends so well !!!! Through her art she expresses the love she has for the animals and nature.  I ordered several portraits from Megan and all of them exceeded my expectations!!!"


Phillip from Denver, CO

"I had Megan paint custom portraits for all of my family’s pets to give as Christmas gifts. Her sense of whimsy and obvious love of animals imbue her work a delightful character. Her paintings are beautiful and personal and and completely unique. She’s a breeze to work with and is dedicated to making a painting you’re going to love."



William from San Francisco, CA

"Megan perfectly (purrfectly?) captured the essence of our cat Moses in a portrait I commissioned for my wife's birthday. It was one of the most memorable gifts I have given my wife, and she loves it. Moses, on the other hand, is indifferent about it."


Alexis from El Cerrito, CA

"I absolutely love the beautiful portraits Megan created of my manic pixie dream cat Max! She captured his purrsonality, posture, and fur so well with humor and empathy. I know I will always treasure these!"


 Erin from Clawson, MI

"The personality of the subjects that comes through in all of Megan's beautifully delicate watercolor portraits truly sets them apart and makes them wonderful keepsakes for everyone with a furry friend (or feathered, or scaled, or...skinned? whatever designation you give to the salamander or naked mole rat in your life). I have commissioned several portraits of my own animals over the years, and have also made special gifts of both specific pet portraits and gift certificates for family and friends.   They sometimes make me smile, sometimes make me cry (miss you, Gatsby), but always make me grateful to know both my animals and this incredible artist."


 Ellen from Rochester Hills, MI

"I’ve both given and received Megan’s pet portraits over the past several years – she’s done a number of cats, dogs, my horse, and a quaker parrot.  Her watercolor fur and feather textures are not only beautiful, she also captures each pet’s individual personality perfectly.  Her portraits are unique and ideal gifts for any animal lover friend – or for yourself!"


Shelly from Austin, TX

"My Buffy is a special girl, part B*tch, part Buddha.  Megan was able to capture her purrfectly - just the right amount of sweet and sass.  I love the vintage pin-up meets awesome tat vibe all caught in watercolor!  Buffy's lucky belly in all it's glory.  I was so pleased, I commissioned another work of my sister's new rescue pup!"


Liz from Detroit, MI

"Megan captured the spirit of my cats perfectly in her artwork. She kept me up to date, letting me review sketches along the way. I would recommend her work to anyone who loves their pet."


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